Ideas for Five Different Designs of a Contemporary Kitchen

Ideas for Five Different Designs of a Contemporary Kitchen

Whether you opt for a straightforward, minimalist layout or lean more toward a crossover style, you must have an understanding of the components that make up a modern kitchen. It is not merely the most recent technological advancements, nor is it even the minimalist aesthetic with clean lines. The function is prioritized as the guiding element in contemporary design. This is especially important to keep in mind in a contemporary kitchen, which is frequently the heart of the home and where function and flow lines are essential.

In addition to enhancing its practicality, a kitchen can achieve a more contemporary atmosphere by using certain uncomplicated design elements. Keep reading for our top five design tips for building a contemporary kitchen so that you can steer your design in the way that best suits your needs.

1. Arrange your backsplash tiles in a horizontal row as your first step.

When laying tile, you can choose from a wide variety of patterns, including the following:

  • vertical 
  • straight stack 
  • horizontal 
  • straight stack 
  • herringbone 
  • chevron 
  • brick pattern

and a great many more as well. If you want your kitchen to have a more contemporary look, we suggest that you stack your cabinets in a straight line rather than in a pattern that is more staggered. Not only does it have a more streamlined appearance, but it is also much easier to install, typically has less lipping, and typically requires no more than a few cuts. This is in line with the prevalent viewpoint in today’s society, which holds that function is the source of form.

2. Invest in newer models of your antiquated appliances.

Today’s home appliances are available in a dizzying array of different designs. Even though Sub-Zero and Wolf are two of the most well-known brands in the United States, there are a lot of other companies that provide high-end home appliances that don’t have to be prohibitively expensive. Features like these can be found on high-end models manufactured by GE, Samsung, Thermador, and even Frigidaire.

  • If you have WiFi Connect settings, you can get alerts on your phone if the door to the refrigerator is left ajar, if the water filter in the dishwasher needs to be replaced, if the pod supply in the dishwasher is running low, or if there is a leak.
  • Induction technology is used for the cooktop.
  • The capacity of a convection oven to retain moisture while simultaneously producing a temperature that is more uniform and consistent throughout the oven.
  • microwaves that come with drawers.
  • Drawers and compartments featuring temperature regulation and the ability to be customized.
  • refrigerators that fit on a countertop but have a large amount of storage space within.
  • LED illumination

Even while we like all of the bells and whistles that are available, the truth is that upgrading to appliances that match stainless steel will give your kitchen the much-needed “refresh” that it needs to be considered contemporary.

3. Make sure each of your lines is succinct and memorable.

When it comes to modern kitchen design, less is more. It is not recommended to have excessively complicated countertop patterns, cabinet profiles, hardware, or fixture designs. Choose a straight or relaxed edge for your countertops rather than an ogee or beveled edge to save time and money. Pick out a simple knob or some bar cabinet pulls instead of something fancier. Choose a cabinet with a flush panel or one that is made in the Shaker design rather than one that has a door of a more traditional sort. Instead of top cabinets, utilize open shelves to store your belongings. Maintain simplicity while ensuring that it is flowing and useful.

4. Make use of lighting that is geometric in nature.

Pendant lights, chandeliers, and wall sconces can be the crowning glory of a contemporary kitchen if the installation is done correctly. However, if you want to soften the square edge and straight lines of the room, you can also add some round pieces. Geometric-shaped lighting fixtures are very popular, but you can also add some round elements.

In either scenario, you should steer clear of employing traditional lighting fixtures such as candelabras and lampshades made of fabric.

5. Let your choice of decoration serve as the glue that holds everything together.

Pick for bowls, vases, and candlesticks that have simple contours and are crafted from modern materials. Exhibit some abstract paintings housed in geometrically shaped frames. Choose some older pieces of furniture if you’re going for a more Mid-Century Modern look in your space. To round off the aesthetic, both the furnishings and the interior design of your space should be elegant while maintaining a low profile.

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