7 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

7 Reasons Kitchen Remodels Go Over Budget

Today, we’ll discuss seven common reasons why the price of a kitchen renovation exceeds expectations. Think about these as you start to plan your upcoming renovation!

Superior finishes

The biggest reason projects run over budget is due to owners making decisions that are outside of their budgets. Here are a few areas where costs could quickly accumulate.

1. Cabinets 

Cabinet costs can differ significantly depending on the line, finish, or materials you ultimately choose. It’s helpful if you know exactly what you want when you first meet with us. If you want taller upper cabinets to increase storage, there will be an additional cost. If we are aware of that upfront, we can aid you in coming up with alternate solutions or lead you in making various decisions.

2. Unique Components

You’d be surprised by the sheer number of distinctive elements that may be added to your cabinet package right now, such as corner drawers, knife drawers, specialty spice, or wine racks. Because adding extra features may increase the cost of your cabinet package, it is important to consider how much you will actually utilize each one.

3. Countertops

Countertops are priced differently due to the wide range of materials that are readily available. In order to help you design the best kitchen you can within your budget, please let us know if there is a certain material you have in mind. Again, it is critical to communicate honestly and openly with your contractor. So that we can serve you better!

4. Household products

Appliance prices, like those of countertops, can vary greatly depending on the brand, model, and amenities. We advise customers to shop independently and purchase appliances to help them save money. When we meet to discuss cabinets, doing this will guarantee that we have the data we need to design your kitchen. You won’t need to be concerned because we will go through everything with you once we sign our design contract (professional services agreement).

Not avertable Uncovered Costs

There are some situations that cannot be avoided and must be handled with because no one can prevent them. Check this out.

1. Unusual present conditions

Although seeing through walls would be wonderful, humans lack x-ray vision. In addition, sometimes when we start a demo, we find hidden “surprises.” Any issues we find must be fixed before we start working on your home. We’re not doing this to boost our earnings; rather, we’re doing it to make sure your home is secure while abiding by local laws.

Project Puff Ups

These last elements will surely “blow up” the project’s overall cost and are entirely within your control, much like material selections.

1. Creating a Mental Change

If throughout the course of your project, you decide to change your mind about a design choice, a modification order will be issued. This will push back completion and increase your costs. This is why we make a significant effort to make sure that your material preferences are established before work begins. Given the existing shipping delays, changing a finish or material in the middle of a project could go disastrously wrong. We want you to adore your kitchen after everything is said and done! Spend a little extra time initially considering whatever you have picked to make sure you appreciate it.

2. The Scope Creep

We use the word “extension” to describe the circumstance when your kitchen makeover unexpectedly grows to include a kitchen, dining room, and living room layout. Once more, this is the reason we take extra time with you to plan your project before work begins!

Because of our creative design approach, we think that our clients were able to finish their renovations within their budgets. One more thing: If you’re honest with us about your budget, we’ll be able to better guide you through the design process so you can stay within your limits.

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